Training for Entry-Level Drivers With Less than 2 Years Experience

While insurance carrier’s minimum driver qualification standards indicate that divers should have at least 2 years of verifiable driving experience, some insureds may wish to establish an in-house training program for those entry-level drivers.

A successful in-house driver training program involves several key elements:

Carrier Qualifications

  • FMCSA rating of satisfactory
  • Carrier not having more than one CSA basic in Alert, the one alert cannot be Unsafe Driving
  • Must have a dedicated Safety Manager
  • Department of Transportation DOT carrier authority for five years
  • Regional operation of not more than 200 miles radius
  • DOT crash rate of fewer than 75 accidents per million miles driven
  • Underwriting must receive confirmation from an insurance Casualty Risk Consultant that the carrier complies with insurance guidelines

Trainer’s Qualification

  • Five years of experience operating similar equipment to that begin driven
  • Completed PTDI Train the Trainer course or an equivalent
  • Should have a clean MVR for the past 24 months
  • No preventable accidents within the past 24 months
  • Should be employed by the company for a minimum of 2 years
  • Should have an annual performance evaluation

Besides, the Trainer should be held accountable for any losses involving the trainee until the trainee is released.

Trainee Requirements

At a minimum, the driver must successfully complete a driver training course conducted under the Professional Truck Driving Institute of America (PTDIA) or like standards. The insured should do an on-site inspection of these driving schools and their curriculum. The insurance carrier does not support entry-level driver training conducted by a spouse, friend, or another closely related third party.

On top of completing the course, the trainees should meet the following criteria:

  • No moving violations in the past three years
  • All trainees, including owner operators, should meet all other minimum hiring guidelines outlined in this manual, except for the experience level
  • A transcript form the driving school should be provided indicating a passing grade of 80%

On the Job/Behind the Wheel Training

After Trainees complete their schooling and orientation program, they should be assigned to a driver trainer for behind the wheel training. Following are a suggestion for this very important part of training:

  • Identify progressive goals for the trainee as part of the training program
  • Review the trainee’s progress every 10-14 days
  • Allow the trainees to critique the trainer as well over the same period
  • Continue the process for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks
  • After a reasonable time of demonstrating safe driving habits, move the trainee to a local or short-run capacity (50-200 miles from terminal)
  • If this portion is successfully completed, then a final assessment should be done. If the trainee passes a comprehensive skills test, he/she may be moved to a fleet position. If not, additional training may be done or termination if necessary.

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